Wine Notes

This simple app helps you make wine notes fast and easy.

After you’ve tasted a couple of wines it becomes difficult to remember which ones were good and why. Keeping notes is not easy, writing down all the details that interest you may take a lot of typing, time and effort to do.

This app makes entering wine notes easy by reducing the amount you have to type as much as possible. This is achieved mostly by extensive use of autocompletion backed by a built-in database of common wine terms such as region and grape names and wine descriptor terms. The database of terms grows when you enter something new, so you don’t have to fully type it again.

There are other goodies such as taking pictures, rating aroma/taste/aftertaste/overall, and of course a simple and clean user interface. You can backup and restore your database of notes, leaving you the possibility to transfer your notes to another app in the future if you so wish.

Do you have a comment on the app? Is there a feature you really-really-really want to see happen soon? Drop a comment right here and I’ll see what I can do!

Google Play page:
Android app on Google Play

Screenshots of version 1.0