Recipe Notes

If you like cooking and collecting recipes but find that writing down recipes and organizing their photos take a lot of effort, you are not alone. This app aims to make that really easy, mainly by extensive use of autocompletion when entering recipe details, and by adding photos using the built-in camera of your phone.

The app is very simple for now. Over time it will evolve to include more features such as:

  • Generate grocery list from recipes
  • Publish your recipes on your blog
  • Share your recipes on twitter and other social sites

Current features:

  • Autocompletion when entering ingredients and tags: you can enter ingredients and tags fast by typing only a few words and then selecting the right item from a list that pops up. New terms you enter are added to the list so you don’t have to type the full word again.
  • Sanitized text input: all text you enter will be automatically formatted “nicely”: capitalized, with unnecessary leading and trailing white-spaces and commas trimmed. These small touches let you be as lazy as possible and not worry about typing
  • Photo montage: browse recipes by photos
  • Memo field to add custom notes to a recipe
  • Automatic daily backups of the recipe notes database, to keep your data safe
  • Main menu on recipe list screen with options:
    • Backup database (manual backup)
    • Restore database (from automatic daily backup or any manual backup)
  • Long tap on a list item deletes the item:
    • On recipe list screen: delete recipe, with confirmation popup
    • On ingredients list: delete ingredient (no confirmation popup)
    • On tags list: delete tag (no confirmation popup)
    • On photo: delete photo, with confirmation popup

Features planned for the future:

  • Favorite recipes (bookmark/star function)
  • “Ingredients cloud” and “tag cloud” to find recipes
  • Search recipes by keyword (matching all recipe data: name, ingredients, tags)
  • Reorder ingredients, tags, photos
  • Sort recipes (by creation date, or modification date, or alphabetically)
  • Edit autocompletion lists
  • Enter/edit the amounts of ingredients
  • Enter/edit the preparation steps of recipes
  • Publish recipes to a WordPress blog (possibly with a companion WordPress plugin)
  • Import recipes from a WordPress blog (possibly with a companion WordPress plugin)

Do you have a comment on the app? Is there a feature you really-really-really want to see happen soon? Drop a comment right here and I’ll see what I can do!

Recipe Notes LITE on Google Play:
Android app on Google Play

If you like this app, please consider buying the full version to support me! Thanks!

Recipe Notes on Google Play:
Android app on Google Play


Screenshots of version 1.1

Screenshots of version 1.0