Practical tips & tricks in the Linux shell

I put together this simple presentation about a few simple but very effective practical tips that should make you lightning fast on the command line. I use these literally every minute I spend in the shell. All the tips should work in Linux, UNIX, BSD and similar.

  • I used many tips from Zach Holman’s blog to “design” the slides.
  • I created the presentation using Google Docs, but it was not really a great experience:
    • The dotted green line you see under headings is not intentional, it appears only after exporting to PDF. I don’t know why. I would prefer it without the line as shown correctly in Google’s viewer, but I want to use Speaker Deck as it is not blocked at my workplace and has a better WordPress plugin.
    • The JavaScript seems to go crazy in the presentation editor. The longer I use it, the heavier it gets, until I do a clean fresh reload.
  • I used the Speaker Deck Embed plugin to embed the presentation here. Oh and Speaker Deck is really awesome.