My very favorite TED talks

Other TED talks I liked a lot

Project hosting, project management


  • DistroWatch – Popularity ranking of GNU/Linux distros, feed of new release.
  • Lug Radio – Talks on GNU/Linux, distros, software and trends. Informative and funny.


  • – Quotes from IRC conversations. Also Hungarian version.
  • Warning Sign Generator – Create cool warning sign images. From the same page, Street Sign Generator, Tombstone Generator are also fun.
  • Who’s yo momma? – “Yo momma’s so fat she entered a fat contest and won first, second and third.”
  • Chuck Norris Facts – “Guns don’t kill people. Chuck Norris kills People.”



  • Achileas Liras

    Really Interesting list! I am currently looking for a Project Management tool and that list really helped! I am testing Comidor ( at the moment, which is not listed here but I will totally take a look at your suggestions! Thanks a lot!

  • JoshMeNow

    I am curious why you prefer Trello over Bitrix24. Clearly the issue isn’t the price, since both are free.