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Solaris got goood (version 5.11)

Looking through my old drafts in this blog, posts I never published, I found this piece.

I recently installed the new OpenSolaris, version 5.11, released in 2008 December, I think. From the live CD. On my laptop. Earlier versions used to be quite painful, and I would definitely not consider putting on a laptop. (Ah, that’s a lie. I did actually install 5.10 on my ThinkPad X31…)

5.10 used to require a LOT of disk space. I remember failed installations on a virtual machine with a 10G virtual disk, running out of space. The new 5.11 system installed from the Live CD is only 2.4G now, much better!

But enough talking, let’s get to technical stuff. What compelled me to post this entry is the ease at which I could do things that used to be difficult, such as:

  1. Setup sudo. In the past I had to install sudo and visudo myself. Now, they are included in the system by default.
  2. Install vim. This used to be tricky too, now it’s installed by default, with all the modern features such as syntax highlighting. Oh joy.
  3. Setup sudoers. In the default configuration users in group “wheel” can execute all commands. Solaris doesn’t have a group called “wheel”, but it has a group called “staff” with GID 10, which is the usual GID for “wheel”. After making this change I was going to add my user to this group, but then, I found it was already member of this group, which makes perfect sense, as this is the first user I created during installation.

And so on and so on. These are little things, but it’s great to see real UNIX systems becoming free and so much more usable than in the past.

I don’t know why I didn’t post, back in 2009. I guess I wanted to write more cool things. I’m posting now, because it made me want to install OpenSolaris again ūüôā

Cool features of GitHub

I put together a simple presentation about some of the amazing features of GitHub. I focus on stuff that can be very useful even for folks who might not know Git and GitHub very well, or not at all. The idea is that by starting to use GitHub, they just might actually get on the fast track to becoming full-time Git users, who knows…

It’s a presentation, so the slides are not really designed for reading, but here they are anyway:

Once again, I used many tips from¬†Zach Holman’s blog¬†to “design” the slides. I also shamelessly borrowed colors and fonts from his other fantastic slides, especially¬†this one. (I hope he wouldn’t mind…)

I created the slides using Google Docs, and since it looks like the links didn’t come out right in the PDF export, here they are:

Debugging deprecation warnings in Django

Ever since switching to Django 1.5, I’ve been annoyed by this:

DeprecationWarning: django.conf.urls.defaults is deprecated; use django.conf.urls instead

I’ve been annoyed because I duly made the necessary changes in my project and verified that I’m not using the old module anymore:

grep -rl django.conf.urls.defaults .

Yet I was still getting this warning… Finally I understood (thanks to some googling) that the cause is that one of the apps included in the project are still using the old module. To find out which one, here’s a really elegant solution:

python -W error runserver

This way deprecation warnings will raise an error and from the stack trace it’s easy to find the perpetrator. In my case it was django-openid-auth, which at version 0.5 is still using the old format. I recently learned about django-social-auth, probably I’ll be switching to that one in the near future.

Recipe notes 1.3

The new version of Recipe Notes (v1.3) is now available on Google Play. New in this version:

  • New screen with photos from all recipes. Tap on a photo to jump to recipe details
  • You can now add custom notes to recipes. Useful for example for extra tips for the recipe
  • Bugfix: restore database was not working
  • Bugfix: on some phones, in some cases, photo taking was not working
  • Cleaner interface by hiding unnecessary elements
  • Automatically delete blank recipes, for example after creating new but not entering anything

Project homepage:

Google Play page:

Android app on Google Play

Wine Notes

I made something. A simple Android app.¬†If you like taking notes of the wines you taste, this app is for you. After you’ve tasted a couple of wines it becomes difficult to remember which ones were good and why. Hopefully this app will help you keep track!

If you live near Paris don’t miss the fantastic annual wine tasting event this week!

Project homepage: /projects/wine-notes/

Google Play page:

Android app on Google Play