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Recipe Notes 1.1

The new version of Recipe Notes (v1.1) is now available on Google Play. You know, an app to make it as easy as possible to write down recipe notes. The improvements are small, but I like the result much better:

  • Cleaner, easier to use recipe editing interface
  • Prettier, smaller buttons

Project homepage:

Google Play page:

Android app on Google Play

Simple map tools I always wished Google Maps would offer by default

I made something. A very simple map tool, built with Backbone.js, Bootstrap and Google Maps, to implement some functionality I always wished Google Maps would offer by default, such as:

  • Jump to a specific latitude-longitude
  • What is the latitude-longitude of a location?
  • What are the coordinates of the bounding box of a given view?
  • What are the coordinates of a given address?
  • What is the address at given coordinates?
  • What is the current zoom level?

These (and a bit more) are the current features of the tool. More will come, for example:

  • Show places based on a Google Docs spreadsheet
  • Save place coordinates and address into a Google Docs spreadsheet
  • “Pin” selected search results, so they are not removed when doing a new search

Recipe Notes

I made something. A simple Android app. If you like cooking and collecting recipes of delicious dishes that you actually eat, this app is for you. Entering recipes is usually a lot of work. This app aims to minimize that effort, especially typing, so that you can note down all the delicious dishes you eat with photos as easily as possible.

Project homepage:

Google Play page:

Android app on Google Play

Capture the Flag 2.0

Another nicely put together hacking challenge by @stripe.

Flex your hacking muscles in 8 increasingly difficult challenges. This time the challenge is more web oriented. What? You think just because you’re not a web programmer you don’t need to know this stuff? Oh I think you do mister! Now get your ass over there and put some effort in it. The contest ends on August 29, 2012.

You can skip the intro and dive right in on this page:

bashoneliners 1.0

This is the first official release of and here’s the list of main features.

  1. Post practical or just pure awesome one-liners to share with the world, with explanations
  2. Post alternative one-liners that improve on another one-liner posted by someone else
  3. Post questions that can be answered by an appropriate one-liner
  4. Receive email notifications on posts and comments on your one-liners and questions
  5. Follow one-liners on twitter @bashoneliners or on rss
  6. Follow upcoming features on Trello
  7. Follow project news on the mailing list
  8. Request new features on the online poll
  9. Membership with openid authentication only, because you shouldn’t have to remember yet another password!
  10. Members can add basic profile info such as display name, twitter url, homepage url
  11. Simple search and advanced search to query specific fields, with whole word option
  12. Tags, generated automatically from the one-liner itself when posting or saving, and useful as quick search links
  13. Solid support of mobile devices and small screens, thanks to Bootstrap 2.0 from Twitter
  14. Explanation and Limitations fields, with Markdown formatting and preview function.

Updates on

  • Logo! Replaced the old logo with a new one on Launchpad and Twitter.
  • Twitter posts: do not include the summary, only the one-liner, to pack the most important information in the tweet, and now the site uses a URL shortener to give as much room for the one-liner as possible.
  • Comments: the comments are expanded by default when posting a comment or when visiting the dedicated page of a single one-liner
  • Advanced search: in case of no matches, the page will also show what was searched, otherwise it was not clear whether the AJAX search was working or not.
  • Installation: added pip requirements file (see in the README.txt how to use), and made the site more robust even if some python modules are missing (like tweepy or openid), or when some configuration is missing (twitter API params, URL shortener API params)
  • Bugfixes

Updates on

  • Now you can post comments on one-liners
  • Comments are shown collapsed by default
  • Dangerous operations (delete one-liner, question) have more prominent (red) buttons
  • Show more of the user interface even when not logged in, as a demo
  • Clarified, adjusted, simplified the texts here and there, posting tips

Updates on

  • Migrated to Bootstrap 2 from Twitter. Thanks to that the site is now readable on mobile devices, with fluid flowing text.
  • Revised and improved the formatting of all pages.
  • Added ‘Accept this answer’ button to proposed answers.
  • Now your can preview Explanations and Limitations fields when posting or editing a one-liner.
  • Added ‘Post an alternative one-liner’ button, so if you know a better one-liner, you can post it and relate it to the original one.

Not my most relaxing weekend, but hopefully it was worth it!