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Released new version of Wine Notes on Android

The new version (1.1) of Wine Notes is now on Google

What’s new?

  • Fixed the broken EURO sign
  • Now you can select the currency
  • The last used currency becomes the default currency
  • Wine names you enter are now automatically “title-ized”
  • Changed to a bright theme in most dialog screens
  • Replaced the text buttons with image buttons in tag editor dialogs
  • Removed the pointless Quit menu option
  • Many minor usability and ergonomic improvements

Check it out, and I hope you’ll enjoy!

Feel free to tell me about problems and feature requests on GitHub:

This app is still a work in progress, with many more features planned but not implemented yet. If a missing feature is important to you, feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll try to make it happen.

Added voting and other improvements on

I took my time, but finally here are a bunch of improvements I just released on, check it out!

Now you can upvote or downvote one-liners using the familiar interface of


And since now that there are votes, it’s natural to sort one-liners not only by date, but by votes too. So I changed the one-liner listing pages to switch between different ordering using a tabbed user interface:


Speaking of tabs, the profile page was quite awful, with too much information cluttered on a single page. So I broke that into multiple pages, again using a tabbed user interface:


There are many other, smaller improvements since the last time. I’ll let you discover those by yourselves.

The voting feature is only the beginning. Just one of the essential steps for full-blown gamification. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to do this all alone though, so I hope to find partners soon.

Finally, I revised all the texts on the site. Take a look, and note the strong emphasis on the educational aspect. The site is about high quality and well-explained bash one-liners. Not just any random ugly scripting hacks. I want all those one-liners there to be perfectly written, and nicely explained so everybody can understand them, and learn something useful.

If you have a scripting question, the best place to go is probably and I love those sites. But you know what, they don’t encourage perfect answers. They don’t encourage combining multiple good answers into a single great answer. That’s the void I’d like to fill. That’s the direction I’d like this project to evolve into.

Released Computer Quiz on Android

androidI just released the first version of Computer Quiz. It’s a simple multiple choice quiz app for computer fans, professionals and geeks.

Questions are spread out over multiple categories and difficulty levels:

  • Hobbyist level: 100 questions
  • Professional level: 106 questions

There are different “game” modes, such as “score as you go”, “sudden death” and “score in the end”. You can change the number of questions per game in the settings menu.

The app doesn’t require any permissions at all, doesn’t use internet, doesn’t collect data about you and has no advertisements. I intend to keep it that way.

At the same time I also upgraded the Programming Quiz. Both apps have exactly the same features, but different database of questions, with some inevitable overlap. The questions in the Programming Quiz are designed specifically for professional and aspiring programmers, while the Computer Quiz can be interesting for casual computer fans too.

If you like these apps, please remember to rate, +1, tweet, or review them, and spread the word. Thank you!

You can report problems and feature requests on this page:

Released Programming Quiz on Android

I just released the first version of Programming Quiz LITE.

It’s a simple multiple-choice quiz to test your programming skills. It aims to be interesting, fun and educational. You could even use it to prepare for programming job interviews, regardless of whether you are an interviewee or an interviewer.

Questions are spread out across multiple categories and difficulty levels:

  • Hobbyist level: 51 questions
  • Professional level: 116 questions
  • Expert level: 61 questions

Question categories are designed along the lines of the “programmer competency matrix” There are 228 questions in total for now, I plan to more soon, making it at least 100 on all levels. The questions are 100% original I create them together with my programmer friends.

You can “play” in two modes: normal mode and sudden death mode. In normal mode you can postpone answering a question and you can navigate back and forth in the questions. In sudden death mode you have to answer N questions in a row. You can customize the number of questions in both modes.

To report problems or feature requests, you can either email me directly or use this page:

Project homepage:

This is the LITE version: it is FREE with NO ADS. There will be a paid version soon, which will be identical to this one, but it will have a price of 1 euro just to give you a way to say “thank you” and support my efforts if you want. If you like the app, please remember to rate it, +1 it, tweet it, review it, and spread the word. Thank you!

Released jQuery Upvote plugin

Published my first ever jQuery plugin just now: jQuery Upvote

The plugin simply generates a voting widget like the one used on Stack Exchange sites:

  • You can either upvote or downvote, not both at the same time
  • You can cancel an upvote or downvote by clicking again
  • The count is update accordingly
  • You can star (= favorite) and unstar
  • A callback method is fired on any update (upvote, downvote, star, and their reverse)

See it in action:


I’ve been needing this BADLY to add voting features on Hopefully that’s coming soon too 😉

My book Bazaar Version Control is now published

I am happy to announce that my book “Bazaar Version Control” has been released, and it is now available in online stores:

The sample chapter (Chapter 2: Diving into Bazaar) is a FREE download. It includes the preface, which is a nice, short and sweet introduction of the book. The chapter reveals quite a lot: it explains all the basic operations of Bazaar using both the command line client and Bazaar Explorer. It is a good sample of the overall writing style in the book, and you should definitely read this first before buying.

If you find the cover familiar, it is based on Gource, a truly awesome VCS visualization tool that works transparently with Bazaar. I wanted to include a proper section featuring Gource somewhere in the book, unfortunately due to time and space constraints I was not able to do so in the end. So here goes my very special thanks to the author, Andrew Caudwell, of this fantastic open-source project.

Using custom fonts on Android

The default fonts you can choose from when developing for Android are not very interesting. Normally they are OK for my simple purposes, but for once I wanted something a little bit prettier for my new app, Happy Moments.

I found this tutorial very useful for using custom fonts on Android:

And I found some pretty nice fonts on this site suitable for the concept of my app:

Here’s the gist:

Step 1: Find a nice font and put it in your assets/ folder

Step 2: Set the custom font in code (which is the only way to do it), like this:

TextView message = (TextView) findViewById(; 
Typeface font = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), "Chantelli_Antiqua.ttf");

And voila, the result in the app itself:

Practical tips & tricks in the Linux shell

I put together this simple presentation about a few simple but very effective practical tips that should make you lightning fast on the command line. I use these literally every minute I spend in the shell. All the tips should work in Linux, UNIX, BSD and similar.

  • I used many tips from Zach Holman’s blog to “design” the slides.
  • I created the presentation using Google Docs, but it was not really a great experience:
    • The dotted green line you see under headings is not intentional, it appears only after exporting to PDF. I don’t know why. I would prefer it without the line as shown correctly in Google’s viewer, but I want to use Speaker Deck as it is not blocked at my workplace and has a better WordPress plugin.
    • The JavaScript seems to go crazy in the presentation editor. The longer I use it, the heavier it gets, until I do a clean fresh reload.
  • I used the Speaker Deck Embed plugin to embed the presentation here. Oh and Speaker Deck is really awesome.

Hacking contest on a Live CD

I built a remastered Linux Live CD that should be interesting, educational, and highly entertaining for any self-respecting programmer: a security challenge with 6 levels based on the online contest created by Stripe in early 2012.

The CD contains a very light Linux system (based on Tiny Core), the ISO image is less than 30 megabytes. You can download it from here:

The easiest way to use the Live CD is with a software like VirtualBox: create a virtual machine with no hard disk and 256MB memory and point the CD device to the ISO file and that’s it, start the VM! The Live CD uses US qwerty keyboard by default, you can change that by passing a boot parameter at the boot prompt, for example:

boot: kmap=azerty/fr

Alternatively you can use the shortcuts frjp or hu for French, Japanese or Hungarian keymap, respectively.

When the system starts you are logged in as user level00. You will be presented with a hint that should help you gain access to the password of user level01. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find and exploit the vulnerabilities presented at each increasingly difficult level, advancing forward until you reach level06 (and celebrate!)

By completing this challenge you will become a better programmer:

  • You will increase your awareness of the importance of security, and probably write more secure, more robust code in the future.
  • You will improve your skill of finding problems and weaknesses, which is the critical first step in optimization tasks.
  • You will have a wonderful time, and come out enlightened!

The source code of the scripts used to build this CD is available on GitHub:

Have fun!

Computer and IT Quiz

Recently I started contributing to this fun Computer and IT Quiz app on Android:

Android app on Google Play

Mike Heyworth created the original app, I contributed mocks and elements for the new design, which Mike incorporated in the latest version of the app released just a few days ago. If you are in IT, do try it out, challenge yourself, test your skills, and just have fun with it!

If you like this FREE app please do buy the PRO version and support us!

More usability and design improvements will be coming soon (1-2 months), so stay tuned!