Monthly Archives: December 2012

Recipe notes 1.3

The new version of Recipe Notes (v1.3) is now available on Google Play. New in this version:

  • New screen with photos from all recipes. Tap on a photo to jump to recipe details
  • You can now add custom notes to recipes. Useful for example for extra tips for the recipe
  • Bugfix: restore database was not working
  • Bugfix: on some phones, in some cases, photo taking was not working
  • Cleaner interface by hiding unnecessary elements
  • Automatically delete blank recipes, for example after creating new but not entering anything

Project homepage:

Google Play page:

Android app on Google Play

Authenticated proxy server and command line applications in Windows

I tend to forget a couple of “gotchas” when working in an environment with a proxy server and restricted internet access. So these are a few reminders to self.

Let’s assume an environment where you have a browser correctly configured to use a proxy server and it is working well.

The environment variables to set for command line applications, if needed:


(enough to set only the ones you actually need)

For this you need to know the proxy server. Usually it is not difficult to figure out from the proxy settings in the browser or the network settings in the control panel, but in some Windows systems the setting may not be visible. In that case, you can try to find it from one of these:

ping wpad
ipconfig /all
netstat -ban

ping wpad is the easiest to read but the least likely to work in your system, netstat -ban is the most difficult to read but it has to work always.

Finally, sometimes it may still not work despite setting http_proxy correctly, resulting in proxy authentication errors for some reason. When that happens, try to access the URL in the browser first, and then try it again on the command line.