Monthly Archives: October 2012

Recipe Notes 1.1

The new version of Recipe Notes (v1.1) is now available on Google Play. You know, an app to make it as easy as possible to write down recipe notes. The improvements are small, but I like the result much better:

  • Cleaner, easier to use recipe editing interface
  • Prettier, smaller buttons

Project homepage:

Google Play page:

Android app on Google Play

Enable the advanced context menu in Notepad++

Notepad++ is not exactly my cup of tea (being a gvim fanatic), nonetheless it’s a fine text editor in Windows.

Anyway, it has a pretty cool context menu (the one that pops up when you right-click somewhere inside the editor area) with lots of nice goodies, but for some reason it seems to be disabled in recent versions. The cause in my case was that the file %appdata%\Notepad++\contextMenu.xml was missing. If you have this same problem, no worries, simply download the file from here, save in %appdata%\Notepad++\contextMenu.xml and restart Notepad++:

GitHub pages especially useful for simple web tool projects

One of the great features of GitHub is free hosting for your projects. All you have to do is put your web content in a branch named gh-pages and push the branch to GitHub.

This is especially useful for simple web tool projects that contain only html/js/css/images that are ready to use without any setup, that is, when the master branch is itself the web content. For example, your jquery plugin or a CSS framework. In this case generating or updating gh-pages is a matter of this simple two-liner:

git branch -f gh-pages
git push origin gh-pages

After a few minutes, the branch will be visible at the URL:

Be careful though: if you already have a gh-pages branch, the first command above will completely wipe it out! This script is useful really only in the special case when your master branch is itself the web content.

GitHub provides several ways to create beautiful web content. More details in the docs:

Simple map tools I always wished Google Maps would offer by default

I made something. A very simple map tool, built with Backbone.js, Bootstrap and Google Maps, to implement some functionality I always wished Google Maps would offer by default, such as:

  • Jump to a specific latitude-longitude
  • What is the latitude-longitude of a location?
  • What are the coordinates of the bounding box of a given view?
  • What are the coordinates of a given address?
  • What is the address at given coordinates?
  • What is the current zoom level?

These (and a bit more) are the current features of the tool. More will come, for example:

  • Show places based on a Google Docs spreadsheet
  • Save place coordinates and address into a Google Docs spreadsheet
  • “Pin” selected search results, so they are not removed when doing a new search