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How to add another admin user in ubuntu

In Ubuntu the first user you create will have special privileges. This happens during the installation, at the step when you create the first user account, Ubuntu adds that user to several system groups to grant some special privileges such us running sudo, mount cdrom and usb drives. In particular the default system groups at the time of this writing: adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare.

What if you want to add another user the same special privileges, for example to let your wife install packages and do other administrative stuff. Yeah I know it sounds crazy. Maybe think again. If you still want to do this, this one-liner will do:

for i in $(grep :boss /etc/group | cut -f1 -d:); do
sudo adduser wife $i; done

If you want to exclude some groups:

for i in $(grep :user1 /etc/group | cut -f1 -d: | grep -v adm); do
sudo adduser user2 $i; done

Chrome Fullscreen

An insightful post on Slashdot about Chrome OS and the fragmented product lines google is creating recently:

A more appropriate name for [Chrome OS] is “Chrome Fullscreen”.

An even more appropriate name for it is “Chrome’s Google-Confusion-Fest”. Because Google is starting to bewilder me with parallel, seemingly conflicting options!

1) There’s Chromium O/S, which is pretty much just a Linux distro with a browser.

2) There’s Android O/S, which is pretty much just a Linux distro with a browser, that’s incompatible with Chromium.

3) There’s Google Gears, which is pretty cool, but doesn’t work with Chromium O/S, or Chrome the browser.

4) There’s Chrome itself, whicch is just a browser, without a distro of any kind, and paradoxically, doesn’t work on Linux.

In short, while Google has been lobbing all this juicy-looking stuff out onto the marketplace, it’s been set up in such a way as the boxes are likely to fall on anxious developers.

This looks to me more like a minefield than a fruited plain!

Come on, Google! If you want me, a developer, to “jump on board” with your stuff, you’d better get it all talking to each other, because your deeply fragmented product lines are causing me to shun your products.

How to make CapsLock an additional Ctrl in KDE4

On most keyboards the CapsLock is at the perfect location for a Control key, something I use much more often, so the first thing I do after installing a new system is remap CapsLock to be a Control key instead.

I had a hard time finding this option in KDE4.

It’s in System Settings / Regional & Language

It would have been more intuitive in Keyboard & Mouse

How to install mpg123 on Fedora 11

I needed mpg123 to burn an audio CD with cdrecord on my Fedora 11 system at home. Since it’s not in Fedora’s standard repos, googled for it, and found this.

So far so good, I just needed a few more libraries as dependencies, however, the package names were not really intuitive.

  • libartsc – arts
  • libaudio – nas-libs
  • libportaudio – portaudio

It was mere luck that first I looked for libportaudio, and tried simply “portaudio” for little logical reason. Following the same package naming logic I could find “arts”. Finally found “nas-libs” with google.