Monthly Archives: December 2008

Interesting uses for a USB LED screen

  1. Time since last paycheck
  2. Time until next paycheck
  3. Salary graph tracking COL index
  4. Company stock price
  5. Current project status (your own little twitter)
  6. Sharon: Not that I’m asking for a date, but you’re totally hot. Just so you know.
  7. Yes, I’d like a donut, thank you
  8. Anyone know where the specification has gotten off to?
  9. Can I bring my cat to work?
  10. The perfume level today is STIFLING
  11. Has anyone seen the TPS reports?
  12. Questions? Please use email so I can timeshift:
  13. I’m sorry, the specification is frozen.
  14. Last page hit on the webserver (just “tail” the log and trivially parse it out)
  15. Next upcoming cron event
  16. Can I have a Mac, please?
  17. I hate the toolbar
  18. I hate the tabs
  19. I hate… FITB
  20. Time until 5pm (or quitting, whatever it is)
  21. Time until lunch, then time until quitting
  22. Days until vacation
  23. Decades since you’ve been laid
  24. URL of favorite website
  25. Name of software you think people should try
  26. Hours until your next date
  27. # lines of code written today
  28. # keystrokes today
  29. Approximate hangover depth
  30. The Software Priesthood Still Lives