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Hosting Bazaar projects on Launchpad 2

Wow. Actually, you don’t need to go through all that stuff I wrote in the last post. If you have a Launchpad account, and configured SSH public keys, you can simply push to Launchpad, anywhere! Like this:

bzr push lp:~janos-gyerik/scripts/software-cache

It takes a while for Launchpad to pick up the changes. So wait a little, and then you can fill in project details.

Hosting Bazaar projects on Launchpad

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a free software hosting and development website. We make it easy to collaborate across multiple projects.

You can use it to

  1. Develop your custom Ubuntu packages.
  2. Host your projects in the Bazaar VCS.

Of course, all the projects you host there will be public. Write operations are accomplished using SSH public keys.

Setup steps:

  1. Login to Launchpad, go to the Code tab. This is mine
  2. Click on Register a branch button.
  3. There are different hosting options. I chose Hosted to make Launchpad the primary location of my project. Projects of this type are updated with bzr push command.
  4. Before you can push to Launchpad you need two things.
    1. Add your SSH public key. (Launchpad | Overview | Update SSH keys)
    2. Login to Launchpad with Bazaar, for example:

      bzr lp-login janos-gyerik

    Go to the Bazaar project directory and do bzr push like this:

    bzr push lp:~janos-gyerik/+junk/software-cache

After this, anybody will be able to checkout the project with

bzr co lp:~janos-gyerik/+junk/software-cache

and authenticated users will be able to do write operations.