Monthly Archives: June 2007

svn+ssh:// in windows revisited

Oh well, SVN_SSH="c:/program files/putty/plink.exe" didn’t work very well for me for two reasons:

  • Every time a console window would pop up, that’s kind of ugly.
  • After some time it simply stopped working, somehow it could not connect to the repository server anymore, no idea why.

So i downloaded TortoiseSVN for its tortoiseplink.exe file. The reason why I didn’t start with this step is that I didn’t want the Explorer plugin as I had bad experience with that in the past. Unfortunately the installer didn’t give me the option to skip the Explorer plugin so i ended up using it anyway. Here’s the new value for the SVN_SSH variable:

“c:/program files/tortoisesvn/bin/tortoiseplink.exe”

This has worked for me very well ever since (the past couple of weeks).